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Angel, Quilling Stylish Pendant ideas & tutorial

Quilling Stylish Pendant-9

Stylish Pendant or other tiny souvenir – An angel in the technique of quilling touched anyone. In my opinion, a great gift, if you’re going to visit.

All items are handmade articles, except for the head, made up of modules “free spiral”.

1. First make the angel sleeves Take four strips of blue length 21 cm, glued together. Use the awl to twirl in a tight spiral, and then a little bit let down – up to 20 mm diameter.

You can use a special paper quilling, or self-cut double-sided color, yak I did.

Quilling Stylish Pendant-1

2. Dress the angel you will need:

  • three modules “free spiral ‘consisting of the eight glued strips of blue color, length 21 cm each. The diameter of the helix on the line must match the 32 mm;
  • two modules “free coil”, consisting of two strips glued blue, a length of 21 cm. The diameter of the finished helix has to be 10 mm.

3. Pens – 2 is free of the spiral 2 glued strips of pale pink length of 21 cm each. Helix diameter – 10 mm.

Quilling Stylish Pendant-2

4. To create the wings of toys made 2 module “free spiral ‘consisting of 4 glued strips of white color, length 21 cm each. The diameter of the spirals for the wings – 26 mm.

Quilling Stylish Pendant-3

5. For the manufacture of the head make a tight spiral of the 10 light pink stripe length of 21 cm.

Important! Each spiral to get out of the template line with tweezers. Edge of gently smeared with glue, so that the module is not unwound.

Quilling Stylish Pendant-4

Quilling Stylish Pendant-5

6. All the spiral, except those of 10 mm, giving droplets form.

Quilling Stylish Pendant-6

7. Tiny spiral for the dress will remain unchanged. A pink – for pens – you need to give a kind of curved droplets.

Quilling Stylish Pendant-7

8. Collect angel: gluing all the parts with white glue, as shown in the photo. As a stand perfect foam – it is easy to stick pins.

Quilling Stylish Pendant-8

9. Between the head and wings paste loop. Angel is ready!

Quilling Stylish Pendant-9

And here are some angels in quilling style – for everyone who owns a technique thoroughly.

Quilling Stylish Pendant-10

Quilling Stylish Pendant-11

Image Source: www.pustunchik.ua

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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