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Christmas Beautiful Tree – Handmade gifts for kids (DIY Tutorial)


Christmas for children is a fantastic fun holiday. Santa Claus and elves helpers from the skies, not only brings gifts, it also brings joy.

Mention Christmas, you must think of the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowman, today also share ideas. Courier cardboard carton plus buttons make a small Christmas tree. Here is how we made our button Christmas tree crafts.

Buttons Christmas Tree That Stand Their Own


Materials for the Cardboard & Buttons Christmas tree:

Gather your materials. You will need some cardboard, buttons, some green paint, white glue, and scissors.


  • cardboard
  • Buttons,
  • Some green paint,
  • White glue, and
  • Scissors.


Start by cutting out a tree and a small strip of cardboard to make the stand. Cut a small notch in the bottom of your tree long enough for the strip to fit in.


Paint the tree with green paint. Or pink… whatever your child wants. I like using paint markers for this because they dry faster so we can make the whole craft in one sitting. Make sure to paint the strip as well as the tree.


Now Glue time!


Find your favorite buttons.


Pop the buttons on and don’t worry if there is lots of glue, it will dry eventually.


When dry slide the strip and in and stand it up!


isn’t that a simple & fun Tree to make? Now Your turn.

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