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Easy way to create Beautiful buttons using Cartons of any type (DIY Tutorial)


Today I will show you a wonderful way to create your own buttons. The material we will use cardboard. Once you have the buttons, you will be ready to paint them any color you like. Besides the paintings, you can use other materials to decorate such like sequins, glitter etc.

 Create Beautiful buttons using Cartons 1

Materials for the Beautiful buttons using Cartons

Gather your materials. You will need following

  • Scissors
  • cardboard container
  • colored acrylic paint
  • brushes
  • sealer/varnish
  • tools to poke holes *

* To poke holes you can use a hammer and a small nail.


Take your cardboard box and cut several circles of different sizes. Give them a base of acrylic paint and let dry.



Mark where the holes will go on the buttons using paint. Let dry thoroughly.


 Add a layer of varnish to protect and brighten. Let dry thoroughly and then put holes in the button using a suitable tool.



Your buttons are ready! We hope you liked this idea.Now Your Turn

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