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Lavender Flowers – Quilling with the charm of Provence!


Stroll endless fields of lavender in France – the dream of every romance. If someone from your friends dreams fragrant purple carpet Provence, give him a piece of France – Make a greeting card with a lavender of quilling. Or decorate flower arrangement pot with a potted plant. That joy is something!

And to complement the original gift can be fragrant lavender biscuits.


You will need:

  • purple and green strips of paper quilling,
  • PVA glue,
  • for quilling tool (optional)
  • scissors.

Lavender manufacturing technique of quilling is very simple. It is enough to learn the principle of the creation of the following elements.

Tight spiral. The main element in all articles made from quilling and the basis for the manufacture of the rest. And it is this:


Free spiral . It is made easy loosening tight roll.


Eye. The main component of lavender inflorescences. Slightly let down a free helix, securing the tip and squeeze the glue on both sides.


Free oval – flattened slightly loose spiral. This element is useful for the manufacture of simple lavender flowers.Actually, the free and the oval will be the flower. Ideal for beginners.


The leaf. Compresses a free helix on both sides with an offset.


Here’s a stylish card is you can do it.


And even the most nondescript pot for houseplants with lavender from quilling sparkle with new colors.



Image Source: www.pustunchik.ua

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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