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Summer Meadow Quilled Flower Ball – Paper Quilling


Beautiful Summer Meadow Quilled Flower Ball for decoration. Inflate the ball to the desired size. Tracing tear into pieces and glued onto a balloon, letting its binding site. We wait for the paper to dry well, to burst the ball and takes it out.

The result here is a transparent sphere.


Paint ball in green using watercolors. Glue on flowers and leaves.


From a broad strip of green cardboard doing stand-cylinder for the ball. To do this, we need only glue the opposite ends of the strip together.

Do not forget about the butterfly. It can be glued directly on the flower or nylon insert – then it would be like to fly over the meadow. Often, these inserts can be found under the collar packed men’s shirts that are sure there will be at your dad.


What a beautiful flowering fields have turned to You!


Image Source: www.pustunchik.ua

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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