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How to make Paper Quilling Butterfly for Kids


This tutorial shows how to make Paper Quilling Butterfly in easy way. We need strips of paper of different colors (purple, pink and white), a width of 3 mm. Length is selected at its discretion, in accordance with the size of the butterfly.

Gluing the individual strips into one and make of it a roll. Compress on one side and pasting, as shown in Fig.Repeat the same procedure three more times. This future butterfly wings . But remember that two of the front should be slightly larger than the rear.


Let us Mehlis butterfly- Take a strip of pink and curl them into rolls with a special tool for quilling, sewing or needle. Make one cone of the same diameter spiral. Tips figurines glue on the inside.


Cones using glue strips pink.


These are the need to get the details.


It remains only to make a mustache. Make them out of the strip width of 1.5 mm, to which glue rolls at the same width.


Insert the antennae into the cone. Details butterfly glued together.


Congratulations! The butterfly is ready!

Image Source: www.pustunchik.ua

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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