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Paper quilling Fringed Cornflower (Tutorial)


This tutorial shows how to make paper quilling fringed cornflower tutorial. It is happiness because the flower type of this cornflower attached to it is like a wheel. Bright blue, pink, yellow, and white make this flower better with paper rolls. We think the name of the flower that we found while putting the work in the first “paper crafts” book is very good. We gave the fragrance and life to the beautiful paperless flower ?


What does a yellow flower look like when we only look at blue flowers all the time? We was worried about it, but I am happy to have a yellow cornflower. We’ll show you how to make a picture in detail. We do not miss your special know-how.


  • You can cut time by folding 3 pieces of designer paper at once.
  • We cut scissors to the tip of petal and cut deeply.
  • We cut scissors deeply, shallowly in nature.


  • Roll the top of the petal out with bamboo, and roll the bottom inward.
  • Give the circle petals.
  • It is convenient if you use tweezers and anchors.


  • 6 large petals on the first row, 6 petals on the second petal.
  • 3 petals on the third petal,
  • 4 petals on the 4th petal, 4 petals on the 4th petal Attach the dog.


  • 27cm long, 0.7cm wide, make a flower and put it on the flower center.
  • Make a circle with the first hole of the spinning punch and cut one side of the flower.
  • Use the tweezers to hold the pedicles that are made above and put the paste on the end.
  • We stick to circle and wait until it dries. And it attaches to the flower.





Hope you like this tutorial.

Keep creating with QuillingMadeEasy.

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