Flower Quilling Step by step Tutorials

Paper quilling Miniature flower pot tutorial


This tiny flower pot of paper quilling for sure will please girls. So why not make a surprise favorite friend or a neighbor’s party?

Besides pink, green, white and orange paper quilling you will need: cork from wine, toothpick, scissors, and PVA.

1. From the cork and toothpicks do here is a tool for winding paper.


2. we shall cut six strips of orange and screw them into the spiral, a little let down.


3. Push the spiral from one side, giving them a form of droplets.


4. Gluing three white strips 7 mm wide and make the fringe. This is the core of the flower.

5. Of the two strips of green make the spiral, let down and squeeze the two sides. Thus did the 2 leaf.

6. From the bar is green 6 mm wide make a tight cone-stalk.


7. Pot flower made of three glued pink stripes 1.5 cm wide. Twist a tight roll, squeeze down the middle. On the bottom pour PVA glue, glue the paper circle.

8. The grass was manufactured in the same way as did the flower core. Strips of 10 mm width.


9. And now the best part – the assembly of a flower.


Image Source – www.pustunchik.ua

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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