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Paper Quilling Snowdrops Flower Card Tutorial


For the manufacture of floral greeting card with snowdrops flower You will need: colored cardboard, delicate cloth, PVA glue, a long toothpick, white and green paper quilling.Quilling-Snowdrops-Flower-Card-1

1. Twist the toothpick three modules called “free spiral”. It snowdrop petals.


Shape of these three basic “eye” of the element by clicking on a spiral of two opposite sides.


2. Take the green slip of paper and shape of her tight spiral. With the blunt end skewers squeeze the middle of a spiral, forming thus an element of “cone”.



3. Collect flower snowdrop: gluing the petals and put them in the middle of the cone. If you want to make unblown bud, put in a cone only one petal.

4. From the green paper engrave slender stems 8-9 cm in length.


5. Cut ¼ openwork cloth, remove the sharp corner and make harvesting baskets by bending the edges to the middle.


6. There are very few – to paste all the items on the carton blank bouquet and sign the card. I am confident hero of the occasion will be very pleased with this touching gift.


Image Source – www.pustunchik.ua

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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