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DIY Paper Quilling Snowman Crafts tutorial for Kids

Paper Quilling Snowman Crafts-1

Paper quilling crafts are always cute and easy to make. This DIY craft is a paper quilling snowman. We will tell you how to make the snowman crafts within 2 steps. Now, follow us to see how to make snowman crafts quickly.

Paper Quilling Snowman Crafts-2

Required Material:

  • 5MM Quilling Paper
  • Rolling Pen
  • 4MM Black Pearl Beads
  • Bright Red Chenille Stem
  • Scissor
  • Glue Gun
  • Tweezers
  • White Glue

Paper Quilling Snowman Crafts-3

Paper Quilling Snowman Crafts-4

Paper Quilling Snowman Crafts-5

Image Source: Learning Center

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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