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How to Make Pencils and Paper Quilling for the Bouquet


Beautiful Pencils and Paper Quilling for the Bouquet:



Required Material:
– a sheet of white paper, format A (not cardboard);
– curly and ordinary scissors;
– yellow ink and a red ink stamp;
– a sponge;
– pipette;
– pencil;
– stationery knife;
– PVA glue (paper) and “Moment” (for pencil);
– a tool for quilling.

Take a sheet of plain white office paper A4 and it lengthwise into strips 3 cm wide. These strips to work, we need 4 pieces.



Cut, glue, so that we have turned a long white strip width of 3 centimeters.


Preparing a paper tape for painting. This we will make it a yellow-red, although anything is possible, including mixing paints. Take the yellow ink and the red stamping ink (red ink on paper gives a little pink, soft colors), sponge pipette.


The sponge should be slightly wider than the width of the paper web (greater than 3 centimeters). Apply the paint to the sponge. Is first applied to the yellow ink – do it via medical pipette – Yellow color applied to half the width of the sponge. In the second half we put the red stamping ink – usually it is already integrated device for drip feed, otherwise you can re-use pipette.





Stained paper tape. To do this, left-hand stick to it for the left edge, and the right hand presses the sponge with paint, then quickly stretch the tape to the left. In the very beginning of the band can get more vivid, and at the end a little faded, with white flashes – it does not matter, it only give naturalness to our flower. Give a paper strip to dry completely.




With their help, doing figure one edge of the paper tape, carefully combining the resulting image.


Yellow curly edge can be a little touch up with a sponge and then left red stamping ink – so future petals will not be merged and become more pronounced.



The most crucial moment – make the petals. To do this, cut the paper tape in view formed by the curved scissors pattern (as seen by the edges of petals), not dorezaya 3-4 mm to the edge, but not direct, but at an angle, forming petals and little corners sticking out between them – so it will be a flower flower and its components during assembly and disclosure will not be wring.



We do flower core. To do this, twist into a tight roll usual (any color and width) for quilling strip so as to roll left at the end devices for rolling paper, and its diameter is matched to the diameter of a pencil (if the roll is less, then you can add another strip).



Smear glue Uncut part of the paper tape by applying paint.


Glue tape with petals to-roll core, guiding the petals towards the handle and the tool, and not vice versa.



With this method of winding we will always monitor the base of the flower – and if you want to rest it on a table or fix the fingers of his left hand.



When the flower is fully ready to recommend once again (you can even hand over) to correct its foundation (it must be flat) and PVA glue it. After this procedure, the flower should be given time to dry.


Carefully remove the finished flower, a little scrolling tool.


We spread the petals with your fingers, so that the middle, was slightly ajar (if you choose not to paste into the pencil, then you can not do).



Take a writing knife and a long podtochennaya pencil. Measured from the lead edge of 3 cm (can be more if desired) and cut the part pencil knife.



This flower can brighten any card, dedicated to the beginning of the school year or the Teacher’s Day, themed magnet or topiary. With application of such embodiments florets created with different shaped scissors






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