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Paper quilling Blooming Meadow tutorial


This Tutorial Shows how to make a blooming meadow in quilling techniques, which certainly will decorate your room or any of the exhibition.

Do it better with friends. Admit it, so make clearing and fun, and a lot faster!

So, go ahead!

In order to make a blooming meadow, you will need:

– Multi-colored paper,

– Quilling tool, awl or needle,

– Quilling board (optional) …



– PVA glue,

– Vellum (translucent paper)

– watercolor paints,

– balloon,

– Cardboard green.


We produce flowers

Take a strip of pink paper length of 58 cm , a width of 1 cm and twisting them into tight rolls on the board for quilling. This billet for our colors. Give a little loose roll and glue the ends of the strips up to the rolls.


Then of them do petals, squeezing their fingers on one hand.

Merge the petals of flowers. Midway doing acrylic droplets, or paper. You can, for example, to take a strip of 1.5 x 10 cm and make her small transverse incisions – fringe.

Then roll into a roll, straighten the fringe and paste into the flower.


Because the strips of paper green length 28 cm, width 1cm rolls do the same as for the petals, but they squeeze from both sides – it leaves.



Image Source: www.pustunchik.ua

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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