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How to make Paper Quilling Flower- Dandelion


Bright and fluffy quilling flower dandelion – small suns in the emerald grass. It will create a spring mood even in the gloomy day.Be festive card or surround panels – Air-quilling composition will love the young birthday, mom or girlfriend. For his work!

You will need:

  • yellow paper two shades,
  • Green Paper – for leaves,
  • green crepe paper,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • for quilling tool (not required).


1. Cut the sheets of A4 yellow hues in length by 3.5 cm wide strips.

2. Fold the three strips together and fold in half lengthwise. Do fringe 0.5 mm. This tiny petals. Disconnect the workpiece.

3. Now use the tool to twist the quilling a yellow strip, securing the tip of PVA glue.


4. On top of the yellow strips clocked two orange. But first, do not forget to glue them into one long strip. Bottom dandelion Fix glue. Caution Spread petals.


5. Go to the production of leaves. Of the rectangle of green leaf Cut out pre-bending the paper in half.

To leaf looked like a real, squeeze it into a harmonica, and then a little violence.


6. From halves Orange stripes make dandelion bud. To do this, firmly twist the workpiece with a fringe, and securing the lower part of the glue, wrap green crepe paper. The width of the green strips – 2 cm.


7. Of the individual flowers, buds and leaves of the composition, pasted them on cardboard basis.


Hooray! Fluffy dandelions ready. No need to wait until the spring – sunny mood can be created today!


Image Source: www.pustunchik.ua

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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