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Quilling Paper Flowers – Plumeria and Lilacs (DIY Tutorial)

Quilling Paper Flowers–Plumeria-and-Lilacs-featured

This quilling flower tutorial is one of our favorite, we love to make plumeria and lilacs paper flowers.  The plumeria is much larger in size and the lilacs grow in mass quantities.  Everything is just bigger this time!

Quilling Paper Flowers–Plumeria-and-Lilacs-1

REQUIREMENT: For lilacs flower, we used 8 strips of 6″ white paper and 4″ of pale yellow for each flower.

Quilling Paper Flowers–Plumeria-and-Lilacs-2

Quilling Paper Flowers–Plumeria-and-Lilacs-3

Quilling Paper Flowers–Plumeria-and-Lilacs-4

Quilling Paper Flowers–Plumeria-and-Lilacs-5

Quilling Paper Flowers–Plumeria-and-Lilacs-6

Quilling Paper Flowers–Plumeria-and-Lilacs-7

Image Source – www.thepaperycraftery.com

Hope you like this tutorial. Keep loving with QuillingMadeEasy.

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