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How to Make Round Beehive Quilling Paper Earrings


These paper earrings are incredibly easy and simple to make. Super comfortable to wear, they are a fashion statement that will make you an instant hit in any party you go to. Learn how to make quilling paper earrings and explore the artistic side in you . Stay tuned with me for more of such amazingly easy DIY Craft Tutorials!round-beehive-quilled-earrings-diy-crafts-quilling-made-easy

Required Material:

  • Quilling strips (5 mm) in Yellow, Blue and Pink colors
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Earring Hooks
  • Jump Rings
  • Quilling Needle


Take any small container and wrap the blue quilling strip around it to make loops.quilling-strips-rings-for-earrings-quilling-made-easy

Now join the Yellow and Blue strips and make small dual colored tight coils with them.tight-coil-paper-quilling-quilling-made-easy

Paste these small tight coils inside the inner rim of the blue hoops as shown.earrings-with-tight-coil-quilling-made-easy

Build up the design of the earrings ahead by taking a pink color quilling strip and cut in halves.

Make small tear drop shaped coils as shown.teardrop-quilling-for-earrings-quilling-made-easy

Make curved half rings with blue strips.half-ring-for-earrings-quilling-made-easy

Divide yellow strips into halves.

Take one half of the strip and used them to make tight coils.


Cut a pink colored strip in 16 equal parts and make small loose scrolls with them to make the beehive pattern with them.round-beehive-pattern-quilled-earrings-quilling-made-easy1

Arrange these in the earrings to make a beehive pattern.round-beehive-pattern-quilled-earrings-quilling-made-easy2

beehive-qullling-paper-earrings-quilling-made-easy Now all that remains is adding the jump rings to the earrings.quilled-paper-earrings-quilling-made-easyYour beautiful and colored Round Beehive Paper Earrings are absolutely ready to make you look stylish and stunning!round-beehive-pattern-quilled-earrings-quilling-made-easy

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